The Hope of Mankind

  • Megdalynn Fisher


How uninspired the masses yet remain
of Mice and Men we oft ignore our fate;
hence trends the popular and sad refrain
that those with power lead despite their hate.

As history repeats, compounds, unfurls,
deceit and tyranny abound despite
humanity’s bright wisdom gained as pearls
enclosing hearts and minds in darkest night.

Our progress checked by failure to engage
when good men turn “blind” eyes to self-preserve
the innocent despair, the angry rage
entitlement o’ercomes the underserved.

Yet hope remains and grows in students’ minds
for servant leadership to be enshrined.

Author Biography

Megdalynn Fisher

Anticipates graduating with her bachelor’s in economics from the UVU Woodbury School of Business this Spring. She is currently determining which graduate program she will attend in the fall, and serves as Vice-President of the Economics Club and offers Supplemental Instruction in Managerial Statistics.

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