Moon Landing Tribute

  • Erin Bezzant


When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong traveled to the moon in 1969, they led man farther from Earth than he had ever gone before. The moon landing is an event that can
never be forgotten, and will forever serve as a source of inspiration to those who dream of conquering seemingly insurmountable odds. This motion graphic celebrates the accomplishments of these men and their unique sojourn into outer space. The film also looks towards Earth’s neighbor Mars and asks, “What happens next on our galactic journey?”

The film itself is a composite of 2D and 3D techniques. First, a selection of videos and images were edited together in After Effects using publicly available footage from NASA’s archives. Then, using Cinema4D, the video was projected in motion onto a 3D model of a space station. Once rendered, the video was taken back into After Effects for text, finishing touches, and music. This motion graphic was created as the final project in Motion Graphics II, taught by Brandon Truscott at Utah Valley University.

Author Biography

Erin Bezzant

A Bachelor of Fine Arts major at Utah Valley University with emphasis in visual communications and interaction design. In her spare time, Erin enjoys donating her work to computer science students who need graphics for 2D and 3D video games. She hopes to eventually turn this into a career as a game developer after she graduates in late 2017.

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