Leadership: An Exploration of the Influence of Written Language

  • Sabrina Purdon


The concept of leadership is versatile, and its interpretation varies in every field. For some, an example of a leader is a student who chooses to spend his or her time researching and addressing certain larger issues,
such as the college mental health problem (Aller, 2017). For others, an individual might stand as a representation of the essence of leadership as Arthur Henry King does for Gardner and Christian(2017). Some aspects of these interpretations are consistent no matter the context, including the idea that a leader is inspirational. That being said, a few interpretations of the word "leadership" are accepted across the board. In this essay, I will discuss some people who possessed exemplary leadership qualities and how they changed history through their writing. It is my belief that the most influential leaders do not seek to attain followers, but to inspire conversation for change.

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