Transcendent Tones

  • Angelica Thomas



This massive acrylic mural expresses how musicians are leaders in society, influencing the world in powerfully profound ways. Meaningful music shapes listeners lives more than we might realize. Musicians communicate messages to their audiences that impact people’s emotions, attitudes, actions, political views, and interactions with others. Committing themselves to an art that requires hours of daily practice and time, musicians embody the epitome of dedication and drive. They know how to lead effectively as individuals, yet are sensitive to the holistic success of the groups they perform with. Good leaders understand that every instrumentalist in an ensemble plays a valuable part and should give their best, even if their part seems insignificant. Regardless of what academic or social fields leaders in our world specialize in, memorable leaders recognize the value of both dedication and emotional communication. Musicians spend extensive amounts of time behind the scenes to make that connection and influence listeners approaches to the world.

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