Assessing the Role of Entrepreneurial Competencies on Innovation Performance: A Partial Least Squares (PLS) Approach


  • Ainul Mohsein B. Abdul Mohsin
  • Hasliza A. Halim
  • Nadia Farhana


Entrepreneurial Competencies, Innovative Performance, SME, SmartPLS


For decades, entrepreneurial competencies have been viewed as essential for entrepreneurs to perform successfully and transform businesses. However, research on entrepreneurial competencies and their impact on innovative performance is very much lacking. Furthermore, research on these two variables among SMEs is also scarce. Thus, the intention of this study is to review the literature on entrepreneurial competencies and innovative performance and to investigate the relationships of these two variables within the Malaysian SME context with empirical evidence. A step by step SmartPLS approach is utilized to validate the model and find substantial support for the study's hypotheses.