Strong Like Her


  • Angelie Rasmussen


strong like her, women, leadership, women's rights, victory, intelligent, independent


17-year-old Joan of Arc led an army to victory

and proved the fiery strength of women

Jane Austen led women to have a voice,

writing her mind when told not to

Susan B. Anthony led a fight for human rights

with visions of a just world

Harriet Tubman led hundreds out of slavery

with a wanted sign on her head

Marie Curie led by being the first woman

to receive a Nobel Peace Prize

Helen Keller led with her determination

to give strength to the disabled

13-year-old Anne Frank led with her words of hope

for light in the darkest hours

Rosa Parks led others off the back of the bus

and toward equality

Mother Teresa led those suffering into warmth and love t

hrough her devotion to charity

Oprah Winfrey led her life from trial and abuse

to immense success and philanthropy

Malala Yousafzai led the fight for women’s right to education,

surviving a bullet


There are women around the world still waiting

for permission to speak

Permission to act

Who are paid less for the same work as their peers

Represented as mere objects in the media






There’s something we all can do

We can be Strong like Joan of Arc

Audacious like Jane

Unconventional like Susan

Brave like Harriet

Intelligent like Marie

Resilient like Helen

Optimistic like Anne

Bold like Rosa

Compassionate like Mother Teresa

Ambitious like Oprah

Irrepressible like Malala

To show that We

As men and women

Are Equals



And Leaders alike