Journey Performance


  • Doris Hudson De Trujillo, M.F.A.


journal of student leadership, Settings Doris Hudson De Trujillo, M.F.A., leadership, women, Journey, dance performance, Contemporary Dance Ensemble


As an artist and educator, I am interested in creating choreographic works that evoke personal meaning for the individual performers and audiences they are performed for. The intent of the works I create have a common thread of exploring the resiliency of the human spirit. Journey is an abstract work, from a women’s perspective, which explores the journey of a community, with common values and beliefs, through various aspects of life. The values and beliefs maybe defined as cultural, social, or of a spiritual nature that provides the foundation of the community connections. My inspiration for the work was of a spiritual nature based on scriptural references. The poles that are used within the work are integral to the design and structure of the work and symbolic of the belief and values inherent in the community. 

Journey was originally created in 2012 for UVU’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE). The version submitted to The Journal of Student Leadership is a reconstruction of the work for the CDE Ricochet Concert in 2019.