Turning Steps Into Leaps: Women In Leadership


  • Jordan Cimenski


Steps, Leaps, Jordan, Cimenski, Barriers, Leadership, Women


In the past year, we as a society have made some big steps in gaining gender equality within leadership positions; however, we still have many leaps left to go. Women leaders are still significantly lacking in almost every field, including education, medicine, business, politics, and film. And yet, women have been popularly regarded as just as effective at being leaders as men. Why then do women struggle to get into these high leadership positions? Gender discrimination, unrealistic and unfair expectations for women, and internal doubts are just some of the reasons making it more difficult for women to become powerful lead- ers. So how do we fix this? By listening, learning, observing, and communicating with one another, both women and men can close the gap standing between women and leadership. Both groups have much to do before gender equality is obtained, but that does not mean it is impossible. The barrier seems large and intimidating, but if recent events have proven anything, it is that the barrier is breakable.