My Life and This, My Lot

  • Gloria James
  • Cairisa James


My life’s desire, before my eyes

How can I make it so?

I’ll fight and pray, and work my days

To see it stay, not go.


So up at dawn I find myself,

To make it come about.

Through sweat and tears I do the work,

My efforts tall and stout.


It’s everything I think, and do,

This building life’s success,

For if I slip and halt my deeds,

I’m sure to fail these tests.


My every step, each gentle sway,

I feel myself draw near.

I know I’m reaching for what’s best,

I feel it strong and clear.


Every day I’ll try, I’ll fail,

And then I try again.

I know that it’s a worthy cause,

This battle I must win.


And every morning when I wake,

I’ll fight for what is mine.

This is my cause, my destiny,

It is my right divine.


At times I feel it start to slip,

I freeze, I rearrange,

This journey will not be for naught

Although it seems deranged.


I’ve worked so hard to beat these tests;

My allies by my side.

I see the end draw near and cry,

“This life is now my prize!”


I’ll hold it close against my heart,

This battle that I’ve fought,

This victory was mine, I know,

My life, and this, my lot.

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