Sound in a Dark Room


  • Audrey Reeves, Ph.D.


oil painting, oil, painting, paint, dark, room, Audrey reeves, Utah valley university, leadership, community, boomerang, positive, moment, sensation


I discovered a pond, sat crisscrossed on a rock overlooking it, and sank into the rhythms of Bassnectar’s music as the dancing lights on the water imitated each musical note. I recreated this moment of peaceful sanctuary as a way to return to the space, and to remind me of the positive sensation, the beautiful noise on a gloomy night. While Bassnectar doesn’t know the extent of his impact, he inspires me every day. Along with building community and connectedness, he and his music stand for positivity, acceptance, and social consciousness. These are all qualities a true leader possesses, and I am reminded of his wisdom every time I listen to his music. Leaders need to be the light in a dark room and focus on the silver lining in any situation. When you throw out positive energy into the universe it shoots back at you like a boomerang.