Reliquary for the Evidence of Cheating


  • Jason Lanegan, MFA


reliquary, evidence, cheating, bar, wrench, handle, leadership, mixed media


The word “cheat†is, more often than not, accompanied by a negative connotation. However, for some it is a familiar word that deserves a more positive light. 

This wrench was bent by the employment of a bar, commonly called a cheater bar, placed on the wrench handle to generate more torque and ease the use thereof. This is only accomplished through using a cheater bar.

The use of a cheater bar increases a laborer’s ability to work while also mildly bending the wrench. Taking on the role of a leader increases the work that can be done while also placing a load on the back of the leader. Unlike this wrench, the load a leader bears cannot be seen, but should be recognized and appreciated as this wrench is now.